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At EEM Equipment we understand safety and ensure that our clients receive the highest quality and safest product that meet industry requirements. All our equipment are regularly serviced, are maintained to the highest quality, with the latest technology, and are issued with specific plant risk assessments.

Our fleet is equipped with the following safety features:

  • Plant risk assessment and certification;

  • Service and maintenance records;

  • Safe operating procedures;

  • Roll over protection system (ROPS);

  • Fall over protection system (FOPS);

  • LED and rotating beacons;

  • Reverse and motion alarms;

  • Height limiting system;

  • Double acting and tilting quick hitch;

  • Anti-drop valves;

  • First aid kits;

  • Hand rails;

  • Remote emergency stop buttons;

  • Fire extinguishers;

  • In house servicing and repairs by our team of technicians.

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